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Massage Therapy Supplies

If you want to become a certified massage therapist it is vital that you are using only the best and high quality massage therapy supplies.

This will give your business a professional look, promote trust between you and your clients, makes it easier for you to give massage, and makes your client have a good massage experience.

Almost every one needs a good and relaxing rubdown from time to time to relieve the body of stress and exhaustion.

To help your clients get the most out of their massage you must use proper massage therapy supplies that are strong and sturdy enough to hold clients of all shapes and sizes.

Every successful therapist should have these supplies in enough quantities at his office or spa.

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Massage Tables

This is one of the massage therapy supplies that you should spend the time thinking about since this is where all the action is. Most of the time clients will be lying face up or face down its important to have a good massage table that can support heavy weights up to 500 pounds.

Your tables should be ergonomically designed and must be comfortable to lie on with the legs steady and should not wiggle with you as you perform the massage. The face cradle should be adjustable and must have a padding that does not wrinkle your clients face and does not feel awkward at all.

If you do home service, invest on a portable massage table that is sturdy but light enough for easy transport.

Massage Linens

These massage therapy supplies are the second most important thing for you to invest on and these include massage table covers, sheets, face cradle covers, and towels. Important things to consider for linens: a) that they are made of sturdy fabric that is smooth to the touch and b) that you have enough of these in your stock room as these are the ones that easily get used up all the time since you are going to change these after every client.

Massage Oils and Creams

Since massage relies on skin contact, you should have massage oils or lubricating creams to reduce friction from all that rubbing and kneading going on.

Oil and creams also serve another purpose, to condition and moisturize the skin.

There are many kinds of massage oil that a therapist can use in massage therapy and they can come in the scented and unscented kind.

Stock your cabinet with both kinds to give your clients something to choose from.

Glass fronted display cases give your business a professional look if you want to sell massage oils as well as serve as storage space for oils when you're not using them. Again, if your business includes traveling to clients, you should have a case that is able to hold these oils upright to avoid spilling them inside.

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These oils are mainly essential oils that are used in aromatherapy. To tote these various oils around you will need to have a sturdy case that can hold these oils upright without any spills occurring. As the bottles will cause the bag to become heavy the material of the tote bag needs to be strong and washable.

Massage Stones 

Be sure to include massage stones in your massage therapy supplies listing because there will be times when the fingers are not enough to reach into the deeper muscle tissues of the client's body. The stones which can either be basalt or other volcanic rocks that can absorb heat very well are often used.