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Massage Table Sheets

Here you will find suppliers of massage table sheets offering a wide variety at great prices.

Massage table sheets come in a variety of styles and materials from flannel to cotton and even in versions that are fitted.

Take a look at the suppliers here and compare prices for yourself.

If you've just started a massage business and wants to find out more about massage table accessories such as massage table sheets, its importance, how to buy, and caring for your sheets then you've certainly come to the right place.

Help will be offered here not only for those starters, but even a businessman who has got a massage business up and running could learn a new thing or two.


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The Importance of Massage Table Sheets

When you have a business that directly deals with the health and well-being of clients it is your responsibility to provide them with only the best service. In the massage industry, good customer relations are not enough for clients to insure repeat business; you should more importantly provide your customers with hygienic and sanitary massage tables, massage table sheets, and other massage table covers products.

One of the most important massage accessories that your massage business should have to maintain high standards are massage table sheets. High quality and clean sheets are vital to the success of your business because your clients will always be worried about hygiene in your massage area.

These sheets or linens are essential to your massage tables because they help maintain the condition of your tables as well as serve as the surface on which your client's skins will make contact with as they are having a massage. They are often form fitted to grip snugly to your tables so that they don't move about while the therapy is going on.


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What to Consider in Choosing The Right Sheet

In choosing the right massage table linen for your business, first you should have comfort in mind. Not your comfort, mind you but your client's. Think like a client, would you lie down on a massage table with this sheet?

The next thing is to think in color. Choose a color that complements your walls. I bet you wouldn't even set your foot within an inch or two in a massage area that has green walls and orange table sheets.

Decide whether you'll buy universal fitted sheets or made to measure sheets. The good thing with universal fitted sheets is if you decide to upgrade your massage tables sometime you don't have to throw away sheets which are still in good condition just because they don't fit your new massage tables.

To maintain high hygienic standards buy a stock of washable massage table sheets. You should also have a cabinet with which to store your sheets when they are not in use.

Go for durable fabric not the cheap gauze-like sheets that feel uncomfortable to the skin. Remember that you will have different clients using your sheets every day so it's vital that you opt for long lasting material such as hemp sheets.

Lastly, consider weather when choosing material. In the summer stack on cotton sheets because they feel cool to the skin and in the winter choose the warm flannel sheets.

Caring For Your Sheets

Change your sheets after every client and do not reuse them without having them washed. If you can't wash them immediately, place them in a hamper that is far from your clean sheets or you risk contamination.

Since your sheets will often come in contact with therapy oils, your washing method should be effective. Ideally, sheets should be washed within 24 hours of use and don't use too much laundry soap and/or scented soap or you'll start hearing your clients sneeze.

Soak heavily stained sheets in a degreaser and wash them twice to remove all oil stains rather than simply tossing them into the washing machine. As an option you can put bleach in the second wash to thoroughly remove oil residue from your sheets.

Washing will eventually wear out the fabric of your massage table sheets, if you start noticing holes and some fraying don't keep using your sheets however dispose of them properly. That advice is applicable to those sheets in which stains are really impossible to remove.