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Massage Table Accessories 

 Here you will find supliers offering massage table accessories in a wide range at great prices.

You will also find information here on what massage table accesories are most important and their uses.

Massage table accessories are a necessary an essential addition to the business of a massage therapist.

Having a massage table alone will not be enough. If you want to provide the right experience for your clients it will be important you have the correct massage table accessories.

There is a wide variety of massage table accessories and supplies that you can choose from to enhance the massage therapy experience. Because every massage client will have different needs having these will help to best cater to those needs. Here are the main accessories that go hand in hand with a massage table and what their particular uses are. 

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Massage Table Covers

Massage Table Covers are designed to cover the plastic or vinyl portion of the massage table. They are intended to protect the table and provide a comfortable surface for the client. Wool covers are very popular because this material absorbs moisture and is very soft. Fleece covers are great for people with allergies. There are even pads that are made of memory foam. These help relieve the pressure points for people that have trouble lying on a flat surface.

Massage Table Sheets

Massage table sheets serve an important role in that they provide a sanitary surface upon which the clients make contact with when receiving the therapeutic massage. These sheets are form fitted so they adhere snugly to the massage table. They come in a variety of materials like cotton, muslin and flannel, as examples. Cotton is very popular in the simmer because it is a cooler material, while flannel sheets are often preferred in the winter months.

Massage Bolsters

Massage bolsters are pillows or cushions of various sizes and shapes that help position a person or parts of the body for comfort. Sometimes by positioning the body in a certain way the massage therapist can do their job more effectively for a certain areas of the body. Bolsters are beneficial for this.

 Massage Face Pillow

When a person is lying on the massage table it is important for their face to be properly supported and cushioned. That is the role of the face pillow accessory. Often these are filled with memory foam and are adjustable to provide a unique fit for every different person.

Massage Warming Pads

Warming pads are a very popular accessory item in massage therapy. They provide, as the name implies a warm surface for the client. This can greatly enhance the relaxing and therapeutic effect of the massage. 

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Massage Table Arm Slings

Some people when lying on a massage table are uncomfortable with their arms at their sides. For their comfort an arm sling is a helpful option. This allows the person to rest their arms off to the sides, slightly lower than the level of the table.

4 Piece Body Cushion

This is an accessory not offered by many massage therapists. If you do have it as an option it will greatly add to the value of your service. This provides separate cushion for face support, chest support, pelvic support and split leg support. This is designed to provide optimal support for relieving tension at certain pressure points in the body.

Massage Stones

Some massage therapists offer treatment using stones. Some stones are heated others are cold, it depends on the treatment being offered. Many therapists feel the use of stones can offer a massage that is extremely relaxing and significant in reducing stress.

Oils and Lotions

There are many different oils and lotions that can be used in massage therapy. Use of the correct oil or lotion can greatly enhance and help to penetrate the effects of the massage. It is important to learn first if the client has allergies or problems with the scents or certain products that may be used. For example, some people have a hard time with strong herbal scented products. For this reason is is a good idea to have a number of choices on hand.