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Massage Equipment Every Massage Therapist Must Have

There are many pieces of massage equipment that every massage therapist must have to be able to perform the best massage on his or her clients.

If you have just chosen this as a career then here is the massage equipment that you need to be able to make it in this business.

1. Massage Table

Whether you plan on going onsite or having your own spa this is the massage equipment you must make a careful investment on. This is the place where all the action happens therefore you must ensure that you buy only the best massage table out there.

In this business there is without doubt that you will be meeting clients of all shapes and sizes. High quality massage tables ensure the safety and comfort of both the client and you the therapist.

Massage EquipmentMassage tables should have easy to adjust parts and should be able to support heavy weights. If you plan on giving onsite massage, buy tables that are light weight, for easy transport. According to studies the maximum weight of a portable massage table, which you can safely lug with you, is from 22 to 30 pounds.

2. Massage Table Covers

You will need these to cover the massage tabletop to prevent essential oils or lotions from staining. Not only is this used to protect your table but also for hygienic purposes since nobody wants to lie on a table previously used by someone else without adequate covering.

Since massage table covers will be discarded to be washed after every client, you will need to buy ones that are durable and can withstand repeated washing and are okay with strong detergents used in removing oil stains. However the cover should also be smooth to the skin since you will never know if your clients have skin allergies or not.

3. Linens

In a massage session where the client needs to disrobe, you will need to cover areas that you are not currently working on. Linens should also be gentle on the skin and should provide adequate cover for your client’s modesty’s sake.

4. Towels

Just like table covers, you will need plenty of supplies for this massage equipment because they cannot be used repeatedly without having been washed first. You will need towels to wipe the bodies of your clients after the massage session.

5. Spa Garments

There are types of massage that allow for the client to be clothed while the massage is going on however you will need to let the client wear you own regulation spa garment to make him or her comfortable.

6. Hot and Cold Stones

They are special and smooth stones that you can use in Hot Stone massage. Whether these stones are heated or chilled, their therapeutic properties lie in the fact that they are able to retain their temperature for a long time.

These stones differ in number and in size so be sure to get a complete set. Small ones are used for the face and toes while the larger ones are placed on the back and the legs.

7. Essential Oils, Creams, and Lotions

These are applied onto the client’s skin to make your hands glide smoothly over their skin to make it easy for you apply massage touches. Essential oils are also used if you plan to include aromatherapy in your services.

8. Adjustable Head Rests

They are needed to provide support for more comfort for your clients especially on their face and neck area. They are also designed to help the therapist have easy access to the back of their client’s neck.

9. Bolsters

Aside from head rests neck bolster also support the neck and add comfort to your clients thereby reducing muscle strain when the client unconsciously holds his or her neck to become comfortable. Bolsters not only support the neck they also support the back especially the lumbar area, the knees, legs, and lastly the ankles.

10. Foot Rests

Of course inevitably you will have clients who will be taller than your table and with this massage equipment you will be able to provide an extra surface for your client to be able to rest his or her feet during the therapy session.