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How to Find Portable Massage Tables at Discounted Prices

A portable massage table is an important piece of equipment you should consider investing in if you are a massage therapist who does on-site massage.

Here is how to find a portable massage table at discounted prices.

Those who are new to the massage business should know that the massage table is where all the action happens and even if a person is still a student of massage therapy he or she is expected to carry their own equipment. 

Keeping this in mind, he or she should invest in a high quality portable massage table to help with a good start.

There are many expert opinions that abound about how to buy the right piece of massage table. Whether it’s a stationary or a portable table the experts agree on this basic thing when one is considering buying a table for massage, the table has to be ergonomically right for the therapist’s physical needs.

Portable Massage TableThis means that buyers should consider the right height. Most massage tables come with adjustable heights that range from 24 to 34 inches. Adjustability is important to allow the therapist to vary the height of the table according to the size of his or her client.

Another factor is that the table should have the width that allows for it to accommodate any size client but not so wide you would have a hard time reaching those areas of your client’s body you need to massage; standard table width is up to 30 inches. Stability is the most important factor when choosing tables especially if it’s a massage table you intend to bring with you.

The folding legs of the portable massage table should have the stability and durability needed for the client’s as well as the therapist’s safety. You would not like the idea of the table legs suddenly giving up on you as your client attempts to lie down or as you attempt to apply massage strokes and pressure wouldn’t you?

Some tables are made of wood while some are made from lightweight aluminum and there are also portable tables that are made from a combination of both. Whatever the case, see to it too that the table is light enough for you to comfortably lug it with you; it is highly recommended that the comfortable with of a portable table you should buy should be maximum of 30 pounds.

There are many manufacturers and models of massage tables. Of course you will always want to buy those that give you value for money and thus we will first look at cheaper tables.

By cheaper we mean the price, not the quality of the table. Quality should always win over the price; remember not all cheap products have cheap quality. So here are ways where you will be able to find portable massage tables at a discounted price.

There are two ways, you can find discounted tables at local shops or you can shop online. As to local shops, look for announcements in local papers for health shops and spas who are selling their used portable tables for sure those will be offered on discount.

Since the holidays are starting to kick in, look for discounted products in local suppliers shops. With these two see to it that you inspect the table thoroughly for damages, torn tabletop covers, and the like.

The second method, surfing the Internet is the best if the idea of leaving your house does not appeal to you. With this method, you can easily compare prices from online suppliers and even from online auction shops.

The best deals are those that come as a package which means that there are some accessories included with the table such as massage table covers, a headrest, arm rest, and of course the carrying case.

Lastly when buying portable massage tables, see to it that you read warranty details because it’s what protects consumers in case the table needs servicing. Cheap does not necessarily mean low price, it also means getting the most value for your purchase with a product that gives you the most value for your money.