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Face Cradle Covers  

Face cradle covers (or sometimes called face rest covers) are a seldom talked about massage table accessory but just as important in order for a client to have a comfortable and sanitary massage experience.

They are used to cover the face cradle which is a specialized U-shaped attachment of the massage table where the client's head rests when having a face-down therapy.

The face cradle cover provides a sanitary surface upon which a massage patient rests their face.

This type of massage table covers generally can be purchases in a disposable form or in flannel that can be washed and used more than once.


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The face cradle just like the massage table is covered with a material that can be cleaned easily such as vinyl or plastic and further covered with what are called face cradle covers to prevent damage from the oils or lotion that is used to reduce friction during a massage session. The face cradle to further describe, has a padding which supports the edge of the face and a hole in the middle which allows for breathing and/or talking as the client lies prone on the massage table.

Now, every day many clients come and go in a massage clinic/spa and some of whom may be carrying communicable illness such as the common cold, on the day of appointment. Another purpose of this type of linens is for hygiene and for reducing the risk of clients passing on infection.

It's a given that many women clients wear makeup on the date of appointment for a massage. These face cradle covers also function as a barrier to prevent the makeup from staining the plastic or vinyl material of the face cradle.


As part of the hygienic process, face cradle covers are replaced after every client. If they can't be washed immediately, they have to be stored in a hamper that is far from the clean ones to prevent contamination. Generally, they have to be washed within 24 hours of use to prevent the oils or lotions from completely drying up on the fabric.

Before washing covers heavily stained by mascara they should be pre-treated by spraying with Shout or Spray and Wash. Leave them for say 5 minutes then wash with liquid soap and warm water.

To remove the smell of rancid oil from your laundry and make them smell fresh again, try adding a cup of baking soda with the detergent in the washer.

Over time and due to repeated rough washings, the fabric will weaken, start to fray, and holes will start appearing. When this happens, do not use them anymore but do dispose properly or recycle by using them as rags for wiping your massage tables.


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How to Buy

In buying this kind of accessory is important to pay for items with the client's wants, needs, and comfort in mind. Buy those that feel soft and smooth to the skin for maximum comfort during massage.

Finally, the choice between disposable and non disposable face cradle covers is up to the buyer what is important is that they fit snugly on the face rest to prevent lines from forming on the client's face. If the choice is non-disposables the therapist is advised to buy those that are made of a durable fabric that can withstand repeated washings.